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Lonnie Richardson, PA specializes in Uber & Lyft Crashes

If you were a driver or a passenger in a ride-share vehicle that was involved in an automobile accident, this law firm is the top choice to get you the most out of your restitution. We treat our clients as though they are our family.  A commercial policy is a delicate affair.  Lonnie Richardson is the ideal choice to represent such a case.  With personal attention from Lonnie, himself, an accident victim represented by Lonnie Richardson is given 24 hour access to Lonnie.  If for any reason Mr. Richardson is unavailable, one of our staff members will gladly take your call day or night.  


If an injury consequently leaves an individual with injuries that permanently prevent them from performing any gainful work, their rights are in the hands of the law.  

Catastrophic injuries leave long lasting effects on the injured,  The Law Offices of Lonnie Richardson will fight for his clients until they decide the right settlement can close the case including loss of wages, medical bills, future medical bills, etc. 

Commercial Crashes

Commercial Vehicle Crashes are not to be treated like a personal vehicle collision. 

Have you been in a collision by a bus, dump truck, company owned car, car transporter, etc?  If so, Lonnie Richardson, PA is ready to serve you with top tier guidance and representation.  Lonnie has represented a multitude of commercial collisions.  Lonnie Richardson's clients are in the best hands because they are in contact with their lawyer as well as his knowledgable team.  

Medical Malpractice

Have you or a loved one been a victim of a healthcare professional or institutions error?

Everyone puts their lives in the care of medical professionals.  If a medical institution or professional has wronged you or your loved one, Lonnie Richardson will carefully represent you and your family.  An accident of any caliber or kind is often a family affair.  Lonnie Richardson, PA will extend themselves to care for you and your family by attentively and knowledgeably sorting through the facts and circumstances of your specific case and needs.  No two cases are alike.  Our clients are treated as individuals and each case is personally in the care of Lonnie Richardson.


A slip and fall can lead to years of pain.

When someone slips or falls due to the negligence of a company or individual, it can cause serious external or internal injuries.  A victim may not even realize that they are hurt right away.  If the proper protocol is not taken immediately, one might miss the opportunity to be medically treated with proper compensation.  Lonnie Richardson, PA will ensure that all the necessary steps are taken to open and fulfill your case and medical requirements.  We will be your advocate.  Lonnie Richardson, PA is a full service law firm that makes sure that all of our clients' needs are met.

Wrongful Death

This is the most sensitive of cases.
Heaven forbid a loved one passes due to the negligence of a driver, healthcare professional, or otherwise.
Lonnie Richardson's expertise and care will guide you through this difficult time.  He will fight for you so that responsible parties are held accountable.

don't worry.

call lonnie Richardson, pa.

animal bites

An animal attack can result in serious injuries.

Animals are "man's best friend".  However, when ill treated, malnourished, untrained, or frightened, any animal can react to even the calmest person in a dangerous manner.  If you or someone you know has endured an animal attack, please do not hesitate to call Lonnie Richardson, PA.  We will fight for your rights and compensation.

lonnie richardson

Lonnie Richardson is a trial attorney with extensive experience in fighting for his clients' rights.  If necessary, he will go to the fullest extent of the law to bring your case to court.  Lonnie Richardson, PA is ready, willing and fully equipped to settle your case in or out of the court of law.  Mr. Richardson will not stop fighting for your case until the case is closed.  Lonnie Richardson has had much success in and out of court.  His success is shared amongst his clientele.  Clients enter our office filled with fear and pain.  Due to Lonnie Richardson's 20 years of experience and willingness to go the extra miles to extend personal customer service himself, our clients leave with a smile.

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